New Plasma Collection Center Opens in Goodyear, Arizona

March 27, 2018

We are proud to announce the addition of BPL’s 42nd plasma center in Goodyear, Arizona! The center officially opened for business on Monday, March 26th at 10:00 a.m. The team processed 18 donors on their first day!

The Goodyear center is the second location to open in 2018 of the scheduled ten for the year under the guidance of the New Center Development team. This project was led by Katie Patek, New Center Development, Project Lead, with support from the entire NCD team.

The center is managed by Alexa Fuentes, assisted by ACMs Kristina Giles and Adrienne James. The quality assurance team is led by CQM Scott Wagner, QAAs Luis Grajeda and Victor Chavarria. The training is coordinated by TC Hannah Rendon. The Goodyear center is operating under the functional leadership of Koji Ishihara Regional Operations Manager, Kristi Morris Field Quality Manager and Dani Miller Field Training Manager. The center was fortunate to have employees transfer from other BPL facilities that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

Our gratitude goes out to all of the centers and corporate departments that helped make the opening a reality! A special thank you to the Phoenix center for hosting onsite training to allow our newest team members hands-on experience. We would also like to acknowledge Biosave, Flagstaff, Stillwater and Yale for their support in opening this new location.

Thank you to everyone involved for your determination, tenacity and hard work. Congratulations Goodyear on a successful opening!

(Back: Luis Grajeda, Hannah Rendon, Scott Wagner, April Armstrong, Alexa Fuentes. Front: Victor Chavarria, Adrienne James, Kristina Gillis, Tori Dreyer, Koji Isjhihara)

Center Leadership

Center Manager:
Alexa Fuentes
Assistant Manager:
Kristina Giles
Asssitant Manager:
Adrienne James
Center QA Manager:
Scott Wagner
Luis Grajeda
Victor Chavarria
Training Coordinator:
Hannah Rendon
Regional Manager:
Koji Ishihara
Field Quality Manager:
Kristi Morris
Field Training Manager:
Dani Miller


Address: 13550 W. Van Buren Street
Phone: (602) 753-4786
Fax: (623) 900-7884
Center Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Operational Days: Monday – Friday
Plasma Types: Normal, Applicant Normal
Capacity: 62 beds


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