New Plasma Collection Center Opens in San Antonio, TX

June 27, 2018

The New Center Development Team is proud to announce the opening of BPL’s 45th center, San Antonio, TX! The center officially opened for donations on Monday, June 25th, at 10:00 a.m. The team processed (a new record) 32 donations on their first day!

The San Antonio center is the 5th center to open in 2018. This project was managed by Rob Elmore, Project Lead and executed with all members of the NCD team.

The center is managed by Jennifer Othman CM and Jasmine Parker ACM. Center Quality is led by Manuel Ybarbo CQM, Laura Sandibol and Alejandro Sierra QAA’s. Center training is skillfully conducted by Ebony Luna TC. The center team is supported by regional leadership Jeff Clarady ROM, Kristi Morris FQM, and Andy Aponte FTM.

Throughout the construction, set up, hiring, onboarding, and training processes, the San Antonio team was consistently positive, reliable, hardworking, ambitious, and overall showed empathy and care for one another. They take pride in the notion that the center is one big supportive family; through the stresses and celebrations that come with collecting life-saving products that our patients need. This center is fortunate to have employees transfer with years of BPL and plasma industry experience to help develop their newest teammates in the production areas. The BPL fleet welcomes you, San Antonio, we are excited to see what you can do!

Our appreciation goes out to all the centers and corporate teams that made this center opening a success! Thank you to San Marcos for graciously hosting the team to allow them to get some hands-on experience while training, Bowling Green, Lufkin, Jacksonville-Dunn, and Jacksonville-Blanding as well as all the teams at Headquarters that worked diligently to take this project across the finish line!

Thank you to everyone involved for your determination, persistence, and hard work. Congratulations San Antonio on a successful opening!


Center Leadership

Center Manager:
Jennifer Othman
Assistant Manager:
Jasmine Parker
Center QA Manager:
Manuel Ybarbo
Alejandro Sierra
Laura Sandibol
Training Coordinator:
Ebony Luna
Regional Manager:
Jeff Clarady
Field Quality Manager:
Kristi Morris
Field Training Manager:
Andy Aponte


Address: 1721 S. W.W. White Road, Suite 113, San Antonio, TX 78220
Phone: (210) 202-1002
Fax: (210) 800-9780
Center Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Operational Days: Monday – Friday
Plasma Types: Normal, Applicant Normal
Capacity: 64 beds

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